Professional CV Writing

Career Ladder Ireland is an Irish career consultancy which specialises in writing customised authentic CVs which accurately reflect the skills and abilities of the individual while presenting this in an business ready language which will create the right impression with future employers. This will maximise our clients opportunities and create successful outcomes. As part of our services we offer CV writing, cover letters, profiles and other application documents as well as advising and guiding candidates on their job search.  We complete a simple information gathering 30 minute call to get started and follow up via email to fill in any gaps.  We then send you your new CV for review.  If you require any changes we make them until we are satisfied you have the perfect CV for you.

Interview Coaching

Interviews can be a nerve wracking experience, hindering clients achieving the level of success that they deserve. With the correct interview technique all of our clients can feel confident in their interview, be prepared to answers all questions with no waffle or awkward pauses and most importantly showcase the skills and experiences that they can bring to the job so that they feel they can do themselves justice and get the job / promotion they deserve.  Through a two hour interview skills session and a follow up mock interview over the phone, you can feel confident and prepared for your next interview.

Application forms and presentations

Applications and presentations can be tricky to get started and difficult to ensure that they are concise, to the point and showcase your knowledge and experience in a limited space. Enlisting the help of Career Ladder Ireland ensures you make every word and slide work for you. Each application and presentation will be written in professional, business ready language that reflects the uniqueness of the client ensuring you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

LinkedIn Profile

Creating an attractive LindedIn profile is an essential part of today’s recruitment process. LindedIn profiles enable candidates to present their skills to the market place and network with current and future colleagues. It provides a massive job database, a birds eye view of companies and its employees and is a way for clients to showcase their talents. We create profiles that are professional, attractive to recruiting firms and optimise your appearance in recruiters search results.

Thesis Planning & Review

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. We provide a thesis planning & review service, where you can work with an expert to create a plan to get your thesis started on the right track. This cuts time wastage and ensures candidates hit the ground running making efficient use of their time and resources. We also provide a review of the finished product, picking up spelling, formatting and logic gaps. It is a great way to get your thesis finished to a high standard with minimal effort.