Interview Tips

  • The most important tip for any interview is to remember to be yourself. Let your passions and interests from your life shine and be human. This allows the interviewer and you to have an honest dialogue about the position to ensure you are a good match to the role. Not every job / culture / team will be for you. Interviews are a two way opportunity to select the right person for the job. Make sure you make the most of this time to assess how you will fit into the job, team and culture and ask the questions you’d like answered in order that you can make a good decision later.
  • Make sure you go into the interview prepared. Know exactly what you want to achieve from it. Before hand think about what are the 3 achievements / work projects you want the interviewer to know about you. Make sure you get these points across in the interview.
  • Do spend time thinking about what type of person will succeed in this role and what the role will involve on a day to day basis. Think about your qualities and skills and how they match up. Read through some interview questions and see how you would answer them
  • Prepare an interesting question for the end of the interview to help you connect with the interviewer and to gain an insight into the organisation that you might not get from the website – like asking the interviewer what’s their favourite part of their role in the organisation, could they describe the culture of the organisation as they’ve experienced it, what advice would they give to the successful candidate in the job so that they can hit the ground running