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About Us

Career Ladder Ireland is a boutique consultancy who work with clients looking to elevate their career to the next level. We work with a wide range of individuals including graduates, women returning to work, experienced professionals looking for promotion, students looking to complete their thesis or applying for further education scholarships and courses. We assist clients in the shaping, planning, preparation and delivery of the interview / application process.

Our clients know their skills and what they want to achieve in the work place but often lack the right way of presenting these skills so that they can put their best selves forward. For graduates, they may struggle with the correct business terminology to showcase their academic and work experience. For those returning to the workforce after a career break, they may find it difficult to present their life experiences in a way that is a perfect match to the skills of the job. For experienced professionals, it may be they need a confidence building strategy to demonstrate how their existing experience can bring great value to their target new role.

At Career Ladder Ireland we know that confidence, self belief, stretching goals and a positive can do learning mindset are the cornerstone to career success. We help clients achieve success with confidence. We focus on capturing the true personality and life experiences of each client emphasising the value they can bring to the new role. Working with Career Ladder Ireland, we believe in helping clients to not just build strong confident foundations to enable them to achieve immediate results in a fast timeframe but also to enable them to continue this success in the future. Career Ladder Ireland partner with its clients to bridge gaps and shape and deliver their CV, job applications, linkedin profiles to propel clients to succeed both now and in the future. 

Our Vision